Atos University

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Atos University, the company’s corporate university, plays a central role in Atos’s global learning & development (L&D) efforts. It is comprised of a number of global training academies that offer programs targeting specific communities within Atos. It also offers many more training programs on specific skills and competencies, as well as a comprehensive elearning portfolio of offerings on specific topics that employees can access at any time. All offerings are fully linked to human resources (HR) and aligned with the corporate strategy.


The Academies – Consulting Academy, Deal Solution Management, Human Resources Academy, LEAN Academy, Leadership for Excellence, Project Management Academy, Sales Academy, and Quality Management Academy and programs like Global Delivery Program and Software Metrics Office - support strategic initiatives in each area and underpin the company’s business strategy. They also exist to ensure the same standard of training, based on the same content and processes, across the entire Group for each function to which they are dedicated. The academies provide a clear link between organizational roles and help create related career paths for each specific community. And Atos University is continually expanding its portfolio of strategic training programs to remain in step with the business and anticipate future needs.

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